Yay I did it!!


Congratulations…. to me

I started my own blog, whilst being MaMa to four young children, 5, 3, 2 and 3 months…

You may be thinking woman relax with the self commendation.. but getting anything done is a mission in between taking care of my four pumpkins and general stay home mum duties…

And no.. it’s not as easy as Bill burr makes out (for those unfamiliar Mr Burr is a American stand up comedian, very very funny and equally patronising to stay at home mommys) nevertheless he’s still worth a watch.

Anyway.. yes my blogs up and running and I’d love to share my insights and my passion with you. Its not easy becoming a mama and retaining a life of your own too but of course its possible… and its a beautiful journey I’d love to share

So if Food, Fashion and Kids are your thing… then my blog was made for you!

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