Like most of you I’ve been craving a new handbag acquisition. And in all honestly I rarely splash out, with four babies…. PRIORITIES!!!

Although I have purchased two bags earlier this year… very very practical ones. The type that assist with the logistics of manouvering four children around. An infant, a toddler soon to cross over to infanthood, a toddler in her prime and a new born…

Nappies, wipes, tissues, meds, bottles, snacks, silence buying gadgets, etc. …All the glamourous contents of a mamas handbag

So when I saw this Michael Kors bag, I felt I had earned the right to splurge a little… especially as this was half the price

I love the quality, grain of the leather, the rich shade, the gold trims and tassel and the concept of a lovely packaged gift for thyself..

Take a look.. the link below with take you straight to the sale and perhaps your very own SPLURGE!!

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