Lusting Over Luscious Locks?


Beautiful, hydrated, lush locks… who doesn’t want the perfect Maine?

I know I do and although I have been blessed with “good” hair (so I’m often told..) there’s still much room for improvement.

I have plenty of bad hair days and with four young children (my eldest it 5!) I rarely get the time to pamper and style my tresses. Most days it’s tied up for two reasons, its not groomed enough to be let loose or it’s more practical to have it out of the way.

So I too am always looking for products that inject my hair with hydration and easy luscious-ness and I’ve discovered a gem..

I loved the fact that this range is mainly made of aloe vera juice and other natural ingredients… in other words ; super food for your hair.

I always check the label on hair care and anything with too many chemically sounding ingredients do not come anywhere near my scalp, so I couldn’t wait to get this lot home and in the shower.

And I’ve got to say this is one of those products that actually work! and a lot of hair potions fall very short on promises of locks of silk. It smelt great and my hair felt smoother even whilst washing.

Soft, smooth and under control, I love how this shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel.. and smell! I can’t wait to try the mask you guys need to try this range, there’s products tailored for different hair types..

Don’t take my word for it… The Maui Range is on promotion at Boots right now. See link below x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sam says:

    Sounds great! I have super dry hair so defo need to try more natural brands. I also like the shea moisture range


    1. MaMa Boots says:

      My hair usually behaves but the harsh winter does dry it out a little, I hope it works wonders for you too.. let me know how it goes.


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