Winning Weaning Tool ; Nuby Nibbler.

Having weaned three children in the last five years and currently beginning my weaning journey with my latest edition, I can safely say I’ve tried a few weaning tools…

This one is by far one of the best… you are guaranteed to love it as much as your baby.

The Nuby Nibbler… (Yes the name makes me chuckle too)

I used this for my second and third baby, (hadn’t discovered it for baby no.1, unfortunately) and we both loved it.

So it’s like a lollipop but swap the sugary candy with fruit. It has an easy to grip handle with a mesh bag attatched, which can be filled with soft fruit, even veg.

It comes with a handy lid and also the mesh bag has replacements now as it can disclour with all the bright fruit you’ll add.

I popped in some chopped strawberries and he started nibbling… just as the name suggests. I had to assist his little hand to find his mouth but he had a positive strawberry experience! which is great. Other tried and tested fruit ;

  • Melon
  • Chopped Grapes
  • Apples (steamed/boiled to soften)
  • Chopped blue berries
  • Banana

These are fruits are great to begin with and if you help your baby hold this contraption daily he will soon be doing some independent snacking…

BTW my baby is five months tomorrow and has started tasting food too, I have only offered small amounts e.g. cooked savoury rice mushed between fingers, mashed potatoes, some rice pudding again mushed between fingers. I’ll slowly increase amounts in tune to my baby’s needs..

Next I will move on to sweet potatoes and avocados!!

Remember every baby is different, don’t ever force your baby to eat, you are only introducing tastes and not replacing his/her milk intake so the amount isn’t important… listen to your baby and your own motherly instincts… don’t cave into pressures to plump up and fatten up your baby!!

Weaning is about creating a positive and healthy relationship with food for your baby, not an opportunity to stuff him like a turkey..

I have a list of my own recipes I’ve used for my babies at different stages, if you’d like it just send me an email requesting the Baby Recipes.. and its all yours x

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