Make up – Naturally

Tired, dull, pigmented skin?? Have you heard these phrases or even suffered from these issues…

Ive generally had ‘good’ skin most of my life, no acne, fairly clear blemish free skin… however maternity related hormones or possibly the good old aging process have have reaked some havoc.

I’ve developed some skin sensitivities exacerbated since the birth of my son in August.

Dry skin on the t-zone, dark spots and just a change in texture (not a good change) . So I’m being a little more fussy about what in putting on my face.

A fair portion of what you put on your skin is absorbed in to your body… so I’ve gone all natural… I’ve ditched the nice smelling lotions for almond, olive or coconut oil (on rotation) for a little while now, if any skin on my body sends out a ‘Dry Skin SOS’ then those three are my Super heroes to the rescue.

I love knowing that I’m feeding my skin with goodness (literally good enough to eat) rich in vitamins and minerals plus free from nasties aka harsh chemicals which we know cause more imbalance and damage.

But seeing as though my face was showing signs of ‘trouble’, I have cleared my beauty drawer of possible culprits and now use a natural Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser. (I’ve given the spot serum to my husband to try as he gets the odd break out) Its 99% Natural with NO Parabens. It’s by Balance me, I received a sample a few years ago of their face oil, which i loved, then rediscovered them in my search for a natural face wash… again I’ve used it for months and love it. So I’ve got the whole tester kit and have to say it’s great… my skin loves it.

I Follow up with a small application of the earlier mentioned oils on the dryer areas of my face (and also my lashes for some boosting nurishment)

I like to use a few light dabs of my concealer (which I am going to investigate as far as its ingredients are concerned). Just some eye pencil and lippy and my face is done.

So now the new items I’ve discovered ;

A make up range by Burts Bees, they have made natural bees wax based products for a while now but have introduced make up;

I love my kohl liner, but have tired red eyes more often than I’d like, (haven’t slept properly since my eldest son was born in 2013, I now have four with my youngest only 6 months). So I wanted something natural for my poor peepers, this seems perfect!

Also I like a light natural lipstick (has to be matte) to add a subtle pinkiness to my lips and this 100% natural Lip Pencil I cant wait to try…

I will let you know how I get on with them but the Balnace me face range is great and would highly recommend.

I really like the look of the Hyaluronic plumping Mist, they have a great set on at the moment for the full size Wash, Moisteriser, and Mist.

All natural… You cant go wrong x

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