Long or Lob?

Long hair vs Short hair.

What to do… I love long hair & I love short hair. My own is rapunzel long which everyone else seems to love but I’m tired of, I rarely style it as it’s so long and time consuming

I have 4 very young children so time is always of the essence and even washing it seems laborious. So I think a cut is inevitable…  I just cant afford the time to take care of it and all the knots!!

I’m really loving the shorter styles anyway, I met a friend of my sister in laws who had the sweetest, cutest bob and I instantly thought ” I want one of those!”

And everywhere I look Im seeing these lovely long Bob’s.. and how cute do they look? But losing 10 inches is a serious commitment but hair grows back doesn’t it, may take a few years if I change my mind… so what do you think??


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