Mission ; Fuss Free Baby Carrier.

I’ve had four babies in five years and tried a few baby carriers.

And let me tell you, some of them are a military level challenge to put on, with straps, buckles, buttons that go here, there and everywhere.

So complicated, for something that simply helps you carry your baby. I found my search exhausting and quite funny. My sister in law and I were searching in John Lewis and trying on all the contraptions on offer… some were hilarious..

We each had three children with us and this baby carrier/sling quest soon grew tiresome, I turned to an assistant and asked “do you have anything simple that does the same as these complicated contraptions?” She pointed out the Baby Bjorn Carrier Original and i stapped it on, put my baby in it with relative ease…

Mission complete, it was a relief to have found something so simple and user friendly plus kept my baby securely snuggled to my chest.

I know what its like finding new baby gear you want products that will make life easier, save you precious time and take away the stresses of everyday life with your new baby.

I’ve used mine ever since, without it I just couldn’t venture out with my two infants, toddler.. And new born.

You can easily unbuckle the baby carrier yourself and remove the entire front section to lay your sleeping baby down

So make sure any carrier you get meets the following criteria;

  • Must not have too many components, SIMPLICITY will save you TIME and FRUSTRATION
  • Must be easy to put on (nobody wants to be dancing around a car park trying to get in to a baby carrier) MINE TAKES ME LESS THAN 10 SECONDS
  • It should be QUICK, EASY and SAFE to pop your baby in to, no more than one minute
  • There should be A ‘click’ or a visual INDICATOR to show that your baby is strapped in securely
  • It should be ADJUSTABLE and keep growing baby snug against your chest. Not too tight nor too loose (bumpy rides are no fun)
  • There should be HEAD SUPPORT for when your baby falls asleep or if they lack head control.

Is currently on offer at Aldi at a great price.. will sell out soon I predict.


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